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Refuge in Sound Waves ~ A Companion Mix for Refuge at Sea

Refuge in Sound Waves is the companion soundtrack for the Looker-centric fic "Refuge at Sea" by quotemyfoot. The main idea was to act as an auditory supplement to key characters and events in the fic to enhance the experience of reading it. I initially tried scoring chapter by chapter, but that didn't really work. This soundtrack is best played after reading the fic and of course, there will be spoilers.

Dramatis Personae

“I am a professional”

Problem Solved - Kaiser Chiefs
A problem solved / Reveals another one to be done

Lt. Surge
Lt. Surge was a good five inches taller than Looker and used it to good advantage to frown at him. “Looker? Are you serious?”

Monster Hospital - Metric
I fought the war but the war won

Detective Mihara
“It’s really not! You shouldn’t underestimate the workload involved!”

Flux - Oriol

Detective Yamato
Yamato made to close the door, but then paused and turned to Looker. “How is the case progressing?”

Pessimist - Blasterhead


The Lieutenant
“Nothing to do with--?! This is my city!”

Army of Me - Bjork
self-sufficience please! / and get to work / and if you complain once more /you'll meet an army of me

Veronica's Interview
“Call me Veronica, please. I hate Ms. Matthews.”

Halo (Goldfrapp Remix) - Depeche Mode
There's a pain, a famine in your heart / An aching to be free

“Whatever you’re doing, stop,” Surge said forcefully.

Looker blinked at him.

“You’re panicking,” he continued, “And--”

“I am not--” Looker began indignantly.

Driving in Geneva - Alexandre Desplat

Ioanna and Stacia
“I wanted her to get away with it,” he admitted. “I wanted her to get away with it because she was young, she was pretty, she had not had a good life and... I liked her.”

A Living Dance Upon Dead Minds - Thrice
love everywhere / exploding, maims and blinds / a living dance upon dead minds

The Culprit and Resistance
“It does not have to be admissible in court to be true!” he argued desperately. “If you do nothing, he is just going to get away with it.”

agent - Onoken

Battle on the Ship
“Get them! They can’t leave!” Forde shouted, high-pitched and panicked.

trick or money - aran

“Have a good life!” she said cheerily, and apparently sincerely, closing the door behind her.

The Past Presents The Future - Her Space Holiday
When I think about my history, a collection of events filled / With important characters who mostly came and went

Download The Mix: Right-Click Save As (90MB)
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